Update on the Boston Women’s March and LWVMA

Dear League Leaders,

The Boston Women’s March for America will take place next Saturday, January 21, starting on Boston Common.  General information about the march is here.

We hope that Massachusetts Leagues will march as a unit. LWVMA will be meeting at 10:30 a.m. at the “Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial,” located directly across Beacon Street from the State House on Boston Common.  The speakers begin at 11:00 a.m.  and the march begins at noon. We can walk over to the starting location of the march (corner of Charles and Beacon Street) together.  

Our executive director, Meryl Kessler, will bring an LWVMA banner for visibility and buttons for everyone to wear.  Local Leagues are also encouraged to bring signs identifying themselves (e.g., LWV Newton).   If you are bringing any signs with messages, please remember that we are all representing the League, and the focus of messages should be on the issues we care about, not parties or individuals. And remember to dress warmly, wear good walking shoes, and bring snacks and water!   

In the words of LWVUS President Chris Carson, remember: 

“This is an opportunity for the League to make our voice heard on our priorities. We march for voting rights. We march to reform money in politics. We march for health care. We march for the environment.  These are our core issues and we want to ensure they are front and center.”  I would like to add that we also march for women’s reproductive rights.

If you have any question about logistics please, contact Meryl at mkessler@lwvma.org.

Jean Cherdack

President LWVMA

Topic Meeting on Solid Waste This Thursday!

Join LWVN for our monthly topic meeting on Thursday, January 19, 2017, from 8am to 9:30 am at the Durant-Kenrick House on Waverley Avenue.  Waneta Trabert is the featured speaker, talking about solid waste in Newton.  She will give an overview of Newton’s recycling and waste management program and efforts underway to improve recycling rates, reduce trash tonnage and encouraging re-use and re-purposing of materials and products.

LWVMA Info on Women’s March in Boston

LWVMA will be supporting the Women’s March in Boston on January 21, 2017.  The events start at 11 am on the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets on the Boston Common, with the actual march expected to start around noon.  Visit bostonwomensmarchforamerica.org for more information on the event.

We’ll keep our website updated with news from LWVMA, including a planned meeting spot for those wishing to attend the march with other League members from around the state.  We’ll also email you later this week with information about taking the T together from Newton or any other transportation information. Please email info@lwvnewton.org for more information.

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